Quality Meat Scotland

A huge thank you to Quality Meat Scotland.  They have been helping us arrange a visit to a farm for the P7s to learn about the journey of Scotch Beef.   They have also generously given us a £25 voucher towards Scotch Beef which will help provide the meat for our lasagne and burgers and have sent over some resources about Scotch Beef including, aprons and leaflets.



P7 Food Hygiene Training

Primary 6/7 ~ Miss Mullin

Last Thursday, P7 pupils undertook food hygiene training under the watchful eye of Patrick McCafferty, Food Safety Officer for Highland Council.  The P7s were reminded when and how to wash their hands.  Mr McCafferty used UV light to show the effectiveness of thorough hand washing in eliminating bacteria, as well as how cross contamination can make bacteria spread!

On their return to class, the P7s were able to use their knowledge to design informative food hygiene posters.

They will be able to apply their food hygiene knowledge soon – when they cook lasagne!

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Budgetting 21.9.17

We started getting organised to cook our lasagne today.  Each group went online and priced the ingredients in a different store – Morrisons, Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys and one group went to the local Co-op.  Mrs Laird also priced the recipe at Morrisons.

Our results for the same receipe were:- Tesco £10.87, Sainsburys £12.16, Asda £8.65 and Morrisons (Mrs Laird) £6.43, local Co-op £8.88 (but couldn’t get many of the ingredients.)

George and Logan M also looked at an easy recipe for lasagne.  However, this came to £15.77 in Morrisons.  When they were questionned they realised though that the recipe served 12 people therefore, it would come in under budget at £5.26 per group.

The children questionned why Mrs Laird’s was so cheap compared with the rest.  She explained that she had ‘bulk bought’ for the four groups and then divided the total between them.

The children learnt many things today, including:

  • You need to look at how many the recipe serves.
  • Bulk buying/buying for the week can be much cheaper and reduces waste.
  • You need to covert to p to add up the total and then convert back to £.
  • You only use a £ or a p sign, not both together.
  • Convenience stores do not have as much and generally sell vegetables in packs meaning you can’t buy separate and therefore they are not as fresh.



Food research 7.9.17

Today the children used the recipes they had researched as homework to consider how much it would cost to make the meal for 4.  They each had £6 to spend to make a meal for a family of 4.

They discovered that they could share some resources and that they had to consider quantities.  The meat was the most expensive item in most of the recipes.

Food research 31.8.17

The P7 children considered which recipes they’d like to cook and then looked at which foods were in season.  They have agreed to cook the following 5 recipes:

  • Korma
  • Pasta carbonara
  • Burger and homemade chips
  • Lasagne
  • Pizza

Today they looked at the Eatwell Guide and considered how they would ensure a healthy balance.  They also looked at which foods were in season.  Following this, they agreed that they would need to cook lasagne first as tomatoes were in season in September.