As an end of term treat, all the P6/7s made their own pizzas on Thursday.  They selected from a variety of ingredients and were encouraged to try something new, that they hadn’t had before.


Those who were still to have the chance to make Carbonara, worked together to create another great tasting dinner today.  It was so tasty some of the children couldn’t wait and had theirs as an enhance break time snack.


Korma Take 2

The second groups had a chance to make their Korma today.  They tried korma paste instead of powder this time but, the verdict has been the powder was better.  We also made a vegetarian option using Quorn chicken.  This worked better than for our burgers.

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Today we had a visit from Kerri Macdonald, from Ness Deli and Highland Bake House.  She explained to the children how baking had relieved stress and resulted in her starting her own business cake making.

She then demonstrated how to make macaroni cheese.  The children will complete a recipe sheet for this and add it to our recipes online.

We hope to welcome Mrs Macdonald back to the school as part of our Developing the Young Workforce week.  She has also offered to help us make truffles to sell at our enterprise fair.

Burgers Take 2

The remaining two groups made their burgers today while the others groups typed up their recipes.

One group aimed to make Quorn burgers but, we couldn’t get them to form a burger shape.  We enjoyed the cooked quorn though.  Mrs Wynne told us that we could use sage and onion stuffing in the mix to try to make it stick together next time.

Farm visit 14.11.17

Today the P7 children visited Corrimony farm with the support of Maggie from Royal Highland Education Trust.  They learnt about the herd of Stabliser cattle that Mr and Mrs Girvan, the farmers have chosen to breed at the farm.  They learnt about what makes this breed special, why the Girvans chose it and the life and journey of the cows from embryo implantation/breeding at the farm to their life breeding on the farm or on to the supermarkets.

They learnt about the importance of Scotch beef and the passport of the animals to ensure that the cattle have been bred, lived and slaughtered in Scotland.  They also learnt about the role of Quality Meat Scotland in checking the welfare of the cattle, that their feed is correct, medicine recorded correctly and the correct vitamins given.  This is all recorded in a passport for each cow/bull.

Furthermore, they heard about the life and job as a farmer and the highs and lows.
Each of the children will add a summary of the 10 main facts they remember from their visit.


Burgers 9.11.17

Today two groups worked to make our burger recipes.  We got a chance to use our new equipment in the school including our fancy induction hob.  The Ipads have been great for noting the steps in our recipe while we work and also taking pictures.  The other groups then worked to write up (copying and pasting our notes from last week) the Lasagne recipe.  Check the Recipe page at the top for this.



The P7 children had a wonderful time at the High School today, experiencing the Home Economics department, getting to meet Mrs Nellan and also having their first cooking session.

They learnt where everything was, how to keep the area clean, how to handle knives and about health and safety in the Home Economics department.

Mrs Nellan also showed us how to cut an onion using a bridge and claw hold.


We were delighted with our finished pieces.  Click on the ‘Recipes‘ section at the top for the recipe.

Ipads and Oven


As part of the Food for Thought funding, we were able to purchase two Ipads to support the children in creating their online recipe bank.  These will be linked to the school’s internet service and then the children will have great fun learning how to use them. Our new oven and induction hob also arrived on Friday in preparation for cooking after the October break.